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Our affordable and easy-to-use solution makes it simple to build business credit and get your business noticed. 

We report to the three major business credit bureaus

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Your payments are safe and secure and there is no hard pull on your credit.

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Ensure your payment is processed within the allotted time, detailed within your payment plan.

What We Do

We process your payment automatically
We report your timely payment to DnB, Experian, and Equifax​​
After your payment plan term ends, we credit your payments back to your business.

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Don’t let a non-existent or negative business credit score prevent you from growing your business.

Our Business Credit Building Plans

Costs are just $5/month to cover processing and reporting costs. Existing customers using other Clymb products can add credit reporting to their account for $5/month.

Small Business

$25/ Month for 24 Months ($600)

Small Business+

$50/ Month for 24 Months ($1,200)

Medium Business

$100/ Month for 24 Months ($2,400)

Medium Business+

$200/ Month for 24 Months ($4,800)

Large Business

$500/ Month for 12 Months ($6,000)

Large Business+

$1000/ Month for 12 Months ($12,000)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program free?

No, but it is affordable. Unlike consumer reporting, business reporting is optional, and the majority of businesses do not report payment history. Our program charges your business only what it costs us to report.

What Information does Clymb collect and report on?

We will collect your DUNS numbers, EIN, and location information in order to report to Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, and Experian.

When can I expect to see my first payment reported?

Generally, your first 2 months of payment history appears after 90 days of the account being opened.

Why should I worry about building business credit?

Most lenders will not consider your business for loans until it is successfully operating for 2-5 years. 50% of businesses fail within the first 5 years. Limited access to capital is the #1 reason businesses fail. Having a positive business credit score is the most important factor in obtaining access to capital.

What happens if I miss a payment?

We provide a grace period of 5 days after due date before reporting a payment as late. We are obligated to provide honest and accurate information. If you feel that you will miss a payment, reach out to us first, we can provide several options to you.

Can I cancel my account?

Absolutely, you can cancel anytime by reaching out to our support line. You will need to wait 30 days after cancellation to restart your account.