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Our partners and agents receive best-in-class pay, better profit margins, and happy customers.

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Our partners receive the same great experience that clients do. Our partners include Businesses, Individual Agents, and Professional Organizations.

Our Partnership Programs

Independent Agents

Actively promote and sell our products to local business and earn. Each Clymb Division offers different products, so opportunities to save businesses money never stop.

  • Our ClymbPayments agents earn 40% monthly residuals.
  • Our ClymbCommunications agents earn a 20% commission on each deal plus a 10% monthly residual.
  • Our ClymbCloud agents earn $50 for every deal and 15% residuals.

Clymb Referral Partner

Know someone starting a business Or needing to cut business costs? Earn up to $250 for each referral to Clymb Business Platform.

Anyone can apply – its FREE

Advertising Partner

Earn money for advertising Clymb Business Solutions and our small business clientele. We have several different programs designed to put easy money in your pocket.

I have been advertising for Clymb for a month. I placed a magnet on my car door, and drive it like normal. It took 10 seconds to place, and I have forgotten about it. I received $25 today for doing nothing – easy gas money. Stupid Easy.

Ally Jay

I deal with clients who regularly process credit cards with stripe or square. I now send them over to Clymb. They save a ton, and I have another income stream. I have also signed up to refer clients to the business platform. The owner/family is great.

A. Rodgers, Phoenix Accounting